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Mosque CarpetMosque Carpet is a type of carpet that is laid on the floors of our mosques and is embroidered in different patterns and colors that catches our eye at the entrance. It is not only for decoration purposes, but also needs to be quality in order to make a comfortable worship. For a quality carpet, it is important that the carpet is thick and soft. Nobody wants to pray on a hard floor.I have come across many mosques. Although the mosque is beautiful, it has caused the mosque to be less preferred due to the wrong carpet selection.
For this reason, when choosing a carpet, it is necessary to pay attention to its visual and colors, as well as to be comfortable for the congregation. It can then be chosen as a wool carpet or an acrylic carpet. Carpet color and pattern suitable for the mosque should be selected. For mosque carpet patterns, you can view the section on our website and contact us.

The choice of mosque patterns and motifs also varies according to cultures. As the number and size of mosques increased, handmade woven carpets gave way to fabricated woven mosque carpets. The meaning of mosque carpet patterns primarily represents human and life. While water motifs describe our life, family motifs describe the continuity of life with animal symbols. They are seen in motifs symbolizing death and are generally depicted with bird motifs.

Ferahnur Halı head office is in Istanbul and our production factory is located in Manisa Demirci. We produce wall to wall carpets suitable for every square meter. Please contact us for any questions and prices of mosque carpets.


The differences that distinguish mosque carpet from other carpets?
Carpet should first be selected from material suitable for the floor. Wool carpet, acrylic carpet, natural carpet are available. The wool carpet is made of natural sheep wool and is the first quality. Acrylic carpet, on the other hand, is made of a material that is easy to clean, lasts for many years, does not discolor and does not smell. Natural carpet is also natural and no paint is used for coloring.


1. Wool carpet life AVERAGE LIFE: 25 Years, WARRANTY PERIOD: 5 Years
3. Quality Certificate
4. Durability


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